Throwback Thursday: Honoring Tony

Living here in the Westgate area, we hear a lot of people racing around, gunning their engines and having a good time on our streets. I’d like to take a minute to honor the memory of our friend Tony, who had his life taken by street racing.

Years ago, when McFaddens was Fox Sports Grill, I worked one football season as a waitress. I was terrible but made a lot of good friends there, including Tony.

Tony was a young father, good husband and everyone loved him. He tended bar, and didn’t know a stranger. He was full of life!

One night after closing, and a few drinks, Tony found himself racing with some people he had just met, heading home South down 95th Avenue by the stadium. It was all in good fun but someone lost control and Tony’s car careened into one of the concrete pillars ending his life.

I will never forget the calls the next morning; The suffering that his young wife was going through, still having a baby to raise now on her own. He was a good kid- but things can get away from you quick.

Life is too short and precious. Please help us honor the memory of Tony and drive with respect in the Westgate area; We have families driving home to us, and you have familes expecting you home safe.

Author: Girlonthecorner1