Glendale Fast & Furious Crew: Too much fun on Sunday Funday?

For several months now, late on Sunday nights, there has been a Fast & Furious crew rolling around the west valley, and they have spots by State Farm Stadium that have become regular favorites to visit and do their thing.

As a car fan, I always got a kick out of hearing them and being close enough to smell the burning rubber in the air from my balcony. However, the Glendale police are really cracking down to make sure the streets are safe for both street crew and other drivers on the road.

From a Twitter Conversation

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Glendale Police Department expects that street racers and street stunters to be out in droves this holiday weekend and have planned for more patrol as a response.

During the weekend before Labor Day, the Street Racing Task Force made 27 arrests, two of which were felony arrests. They also wrote 31 citations and towed two vehicles.

With Labor Day’s three-day weekend, street racers are expected to be out in droves. Glendale police are planning for extra patrol in response

The department expects an increase in activity over the long weekend, and they will have officers posted in areas known to attract street takeovers.

The area surrounding State Farm Stadium and the Westgate Entertainment District is expected to be especially busy. The area along 51st Avenue is also a favorite for racers. 

The task force will be watching all over both in-person and using traffic cameras.

-Article from 12 News

As someone who lives in the Westgate area, with neighbors who have pets and small children, we appreciate the Glendale Police- they have really been here for us through a crazy year! Also, as someone who has lost a friend to street racing by the stadium, I do know first hand how quickly things can get out of hand. Heads up car crews!

Author: Girlonthecorner1